SeniorNet Järfälla  

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SeniorNet is a worldwide association for seniors with the main purpose to give elderly people, mainly over the age of 55, the knowledge in using computers.

In Sweden the association is named SeniorNet Sweden and has about 9000 members in about 50 different clubs. One of these clubs is named SeniorNet Järfälla, situated in a municipality west of Stockholm.

SeniorNet Järfälla has about 75 members and pursues courses of instructions every Friday throughout spring and autumn since January 1999.

 SeniorNet Järfälla is a none-profit-making club with no strings to any political party.

All members pay a fee to the association SeniorNet Sweden (250 SEK per year) and that gives the right to be member of a club. Each club gets 150 SEK back for each paying member to be used in the activity. Additional active members pay 50 SEK each term (100 SEK per year).

 SeniorNet Järfälla co-operates with 9 other clubs in the northwest part of Stockholm area in order to help one another in matters as instructions to members, exchange of experience and how to deal with sponsors. The name of this association is ERFA SeniorNet Nord and meetings are held once a year.


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